Great Careers to Consider

Searching for a career that you’re passionate about when you’re a teenager is extremely tough.There are so many options today and many of them sounds so good even though you might not know anything about them.

The best thing to do is search for something that, not only are you passionate about, but something that there will always be a need for. Never dying careers is what we’re talking about.

Careers as an electrician and or as a plumber have been and will always be well sought after. Why? Think about it.

Become an Electrician

We will always need electricity to power on the lights, the computers, tv, etc… Even with solar becoming a force in the energy sector, electricians will always be needed.

Look at this image below of a job posting by New York City’s Department of Transportation. You can see that their proposed salary for an experienced electrician is $373.00 PER DAY!

Not too shabby for knowing how to run wires and knowing which wire goes where. Drive down the streets of your city and look at all the businesses, office buildings, and skyscrapers. They all needed to be wired and will always need electricians for maintenance.

Become a Security Guard or Gaming Surveilance Officer

Consider a career in security service by becoming a security guard.

This is another great career path to take if you want job security without having a college degree.

Security guards are being hired at a rapid pace each year as more and more companies are growing and their need to protect their assets and employees become more and more important.

Security services are always looking to hire security guards because when they are constantly contracted to provide security for concerts, events, stadiums, college campuses, airports, office buildings, etc… they must have an ongoing and ever growing list of guards to deploy ar a moments notice.

There are actually more security guards than police officers in the United States. That is a fact and the industry saw a huge spike in the last 15 years after the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the nations capital.

These guard jobs are pretty easy to get once you get your Guard card. Every state has requirement of their own that can easily be met once you study, pass, and pay the exam fees.

That includes Livescan finger prints and studying and taking tests on security related topics.

Every security guard company will put you through their own self defense training to bring you up to speed on how the other guards are trained and how to handle every type of situation.

Their training will be ongoing to keep your knowledge base fresh and to learn new techniques on how to control any given situation.

security guard jobs

Check your local governments website for more on the requirements here.

Become a Plumber

As for plumbing, this is something we will ALWAYS need. Think about about it. Can you imagine houses, businesses, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, office buildings in the future WITHOUT kitchens or bathrooms? I can’t either.

So, becoming a plumber is a great option to pursue. Many local companies actually have a hard time filling in their job openings because of the lack of interests in people wanting to get dirty everyday for work.

dirty bathroom sink

This kind of job isn’t for the faint at heart as you will be getting yourself immersed in all kinds of grimey situations. Bathroom scum is gross enough to look at so imagine having to deal with it on a daily basis.

And if you work for a local company that services older neighborhoods, rundown buildings, and old homes, then you will definitely have your work cut out for you.

The good new is, the money and if you do work on the side, you can earn even more.

The average salary for a plumber is around $25 per hour and for full time employees on a salary, you can earn $55,000 a year or more. Master plumbers can earn even more.

So, even though the job may be dirty, you eventually get used to it and stops bothering you since it will become your everyday reality.

There isn’t a huge amount for people excited about becoming a plumber each year so your chance are very good if you decide that you want to work in this industry.

Visit Job Fairs

As a teenager, you are going to want to attend the more expansive job fairs, these can generally have traditional adolescent jobs such as, retail, restaurant and customer service occupations.

You will definitely need to do this in your college years, but if you want a taste of what to expect, then start visiting these job fairs sooner rather than later.

Here are a few tips to get the most from your job fair experience:

Planning is the main thing. You should ready the night before and be sure you’ve got loads of resumes printed on good paper. A gold nugget of information is truly have a friend or parent perform a role play with you. You’ll be astounded at how much you may learn after you see yourself on tape.

Be certain you’re introducing yourself professionally. It is suggested you wear a dark suit for guys, along with a pant suit for women. Should you dress to impress, you may already be far one step ahead of the contest, compared to others.

It’s likely that you have heard the belief, you can’t get another opportunity to make a first impression: this is particularly true once you’re job searching. Employers will make a decision on you based on the way you look. Surprisingly, many employers are guilty of this.

Make as many relations and connections as you can. Be sure that you speak to each company which you’re interested in. Attempt to create a lasting impression. All these businesses will interview countless applicants, it’s crucial that you stick out once the day has closed.

Another trick is to receive as many business cards as possible and call or email them to followup. What many have discovered is that typically the individual who follows up and continues to be competitive and persevering in pursuing the occupation is going to be the individual who receives the job. Learn about the business. In case you have friends working there, speak with them regarding their job responsibilities.

Additionally, be ready to speak about yourself. The interviewer will ask you why you are interested in getting the job. As a teen, very good answers include that you need to acquire work experience or that you have been a long-time customer of the company and you want to find out more about them.

Here are some great tips on putting together a good resume.

During the interview, there are also some rules you can follow. Do not chew gum. Gum chewing is a significant disqualifier for most companies.

Do not downplay your prior experience, however awful it sounds, particularly if these were tasks in which promptness and responsibility were crucial. If you’ve has been babysitting for the identical household each Saturday night for 3 years, this informs others that you’ve does a fantastic job, assembled relationships with the children, and are trusted by the household.

Transferable skills may include being adaptive, innovative, a fantastic communicator, managing money, reacting to consumer feedback, placing and maintaining a schedule, in addition to balancing schoolwork with different pursuits.

Also, make sure to have questions to ask the interviewer:

  • How can you explain the duties of this position?
  • How can you explain a normal day and week in this place?
  • Is it a new business or how long have you been in business?
  • Why exactly did the prior employee leave?
  • What’s the organization’s management style?
  • When I am offered the position, can I meet other employees?
  • Just how many individuals work in this office/department?